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March 8th: VCUEI representatives attending the 4th IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference in Princeton

2 VCUEI fellows and 3 Vassar Student Volunteers have been funded by the local SHPE chapter (at IBM) to attend a conference at Princeton University to talk about the ways we integrate technology and engineering skills into our programming. We will be holding a workshop on “SNAP Circuit Kits” we use to teach kids about electrical engineering, and our i-pad program with elementary age ESL students. This conference is an opportunity to share our programming with other groups interested in getting children from underrepresented groups into STEM fields.


The Dyson Foundation awards Vassar College $600,000 grant to establish the program Exploring College, designed to help prepare Poughkeepsie High School students for college success

The Dyson Foundation of Millbrook, NY, has awarded Vassar College $600,000 to fund the Exploring College Program, a three-year pilot project to better prepare Poughkeepsie High School students with combined high academic achievement and low income backgrounds for admission and success in college. The program is designed to improve college readiness and aspirations for students from underrepresented backgrounds, to increase the number of these students who attend college, and to expand the collaboration between Vassar College and the City of Poughkeepsie schools.


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