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May 3rd: Second Annual VELLOP Elementary Multicultural Celebration

VELLOP’s elementary program serves about 30 local K-3rd ELL grade students. Each year we host a campus celebration for the program participants, where students are given an opportunity to present their work to their parents, participate in activities that celebrate the cultural backgrounds of the ELL students, and a community soccer game. The event is a way to welcome the local Latino population to campus, celebrate the academic accomplishments of ESL students, and bring together the community of tutors and teachers who have been working hard with the ESL students all year.


March 8th: VCUEI representatives attending the 4th IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference in Princeton

2 VCUEI fellows and 3 Vassar Student Volunteers have been funded by the local SHPE chapter (at IBM) to attend a conference at Princeton University to talk about the ways we integrate technology and engineering skills into our programming. We will be holding a workshop on “SNAP Circuit Kits” we use to teach kids about electrical engineering, and our i-pad program with elementary age ESL students. This conference is an opportunity to share our programming with other groups interested in getting children from underrepresented groups into STEM fields.

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